Irish Anticum

Anticum 2012-11-24Unlike many Golden Dawn groups MOAA conducts limited public rituals and lectures. These are called Anticums.

Within the context of the Order the function of the Antica is two fold. They help to bring together people in a particular region to work within the Golden Dawn tradition without the necessitating a completely furnished temple to be on hand. By lighting a spiritual lamp on the astral, it is our belief that it will draw people together so that a full temple can be developed. The second function is to help prepare Candidates seeking admittance to the Order.

The requirement for an Anticum to operate in an area is one motivated initiate of the Order. There are special rituals designed to be carried out by the Anticum.

Irish Anticum

The Irish Temple organises regular meetings of it’s Anticum, which are used to facilitate lectures, talks and workshops in preparation for the prospective Candidate being brought forward for admittance into the Order.